Adults Must Stay on Site. Since we are not a drop off style childcare facility, an accompanying adult must be present in the building at all times. Adults will be working upstairs while the children will be playing in the downstairs or outside in the fully-fenced yard. When booking, you will need to book for both yourself (the "Adult") as well as for each of your kiddos.

Minimum and Maximum Age for Coplay Club. Currently we are only able to accept children 12 months to 6 years in our Coplay Club but will have special programming in the afternoons for children 6 years and older. To see what is available, check out our "Events". 

​Booking times. You may book as little as 2hrs up to 4hrs for your children in the Coplay Club. You may arrive and leave anytime between 9am and 1pm. Just choose what works best for you. If you need to leave before your booked time is up, that is totally fine, but no refunds will be given. 

Booking cut-off. You may book your COWORKING session right up until the minute you would like to attend. Your child's COPLAY spot, however, needs to be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. This allows us to ensure we have enough staff on hand to provide your children with quality care. 

Naps. Please try to ensure you and/or your child has either napped before or will nap after your work session. Unfortunately, naps are not easily accommodated in our Summer Session home. If it looks like little Johnny is going to lose his mind because he is overtired, for the safety of the group we will ask you to come help him or take him home. Sorry about that one. Once we are in our forever home though, nap away!

Lunches, Snacks, Water, and Nuts. If you plan to stay over lunch (12pm to 1pm), please ensure you bring lunch for your kiddos in a bag or lunch kit that is clearly labelled with their name. There is a fridge on site if something needs to remain cold. Kindly ensure all necessary utensils are included. If you are here for snack time (approximately 10am) please ensure you have packed a healthy snack that your child can easily eat on their own. It is amazing how thirsty kids get when they are having fun so please make sure your child has a water bottle, again, labelled with their name. At this time, all nuts are okay.

Illness. If you or your child is sick, for the love of your fellow Omnihood families, please stay home. We KNOW how hard it is to get work done with a sick kid at home and how tempting it might be to drop him with us so you can bang out those couple of emails. But don't do it. Don't be patient zero and wipe out the productivity of all the other parents.

Conduct. Don't be an A-hole.